If you are a returning team captain, welcome back! And if you’re a new team captain, we are glad to have you! Team captains make all the difference in creating a fun, successful event, so we thank you.

Your Role as a Team Captain is to provide leadership, coordination, and communication to your team. Anyone can be a Team Captain or start a team. Teams typically consist of 10 or more team members.

Start a Team

Join a Team

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Team Events

Team Events are a great way to build camaraderie, support someone you know, have fun, and raise funds for Bennett Cancer Center patient services! These events—which can happen at any point during the year—are the perfect way to bolster the fundraising efforts of our premiere events, the Walk & Run. If you’re interested in hosting your own event, check out the Mini Events tab for ideas, or contact Kari Pollak at


Ask people you know (friends, family members, churchgoers, sports buddies, book club members, etc.) to participate on your team. You should make sure to invite each of your potential team members to join your team online.

Sometimes the biggest barrier to overcome is just getting up the courage to ask. Whether it’s for someone to join your team or for someone to make a donation, the best way to get the results you’re looking for is just to ask!

Share your personal reason for participating. A connection to the cause is the number one reason why people get involved!

Think through your extended networks—there are a lot of people you know. Then, ask them to join you!


You should work in a very hands-on manner with your team members to help them set a fundraising goal and work to achieve (or surpass!) it.

Team Challenge

Challenge your team members. The team with the most funds raised by Friday, June 3, 2016 will be asked to lead the Walk.

Social Media

Use your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to reach and engage your social networks. Create a team page on Facebook.


Keep your team motivated, encouraged, and excited however you see fit.

Have fun and build team spirit

Create a custom team T-shirt, banner, or hat to help identify and encourage your team.

Celebrate and say Thank you!

Before, during, and after the event! To say “thank-you.” Its power is incredible.


We’ve helped with letters you may want to use for two of our most common outreaches: recruiting team members and fundraising. Feel free to customize to fit your tone of voice and personal story.

Sample Fundraising Letter 1
Sample Fundraising Letter 2
Sample Fundraising Letter 3
Sample Team Recruitment Letter

Note: You will see this charge appear on your credit card statement as Stamford Hospital or BLK Nonprofit (out of CA).

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