Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips for successful fundraising,

Think through your extended networks—there are a lot of people you know. Then, ask them to join you! Ask them to donate! As we’ve often heard, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Get Started in your Participant Center - your individualized fundraising headquarters

Click here for great tips and instructions on how to login, update your personal page, send emails and more!

Set a Goal

Creating a fundraising goal is the first step to success. Setting a stretch goal (one that’s just a little bigger than your regular goal) can help motivate you to fundraise even more. And the sooner you start fundraising, the sooner you’ll reach your goal!

Share your story

Make your personal fundraising page about you! Tell people why you’re participating, whether it’s because of a personal experience or because you want to support someone you care about. You can even add a photo.

Be sure to set up your personal fundraising page and share the link through email and Facebook (and any other way you can ask!).

Be specific

Remind family, friends and teammates, if they register to participate and fundraise $100 or more, they will earn a complimentary event t-shirt. Encourage your family and friends to donate and fundraise. Suggest people forgo one small thing (a movie, a manicure) and donate what they would have spent. Let donors know that any gift - no matter the size - will make a big difference in the lives of our patients and families.

Double your dollars

Many employers offer matching gift programs that could double your contribution: $100 could turn into $200 instantly. Be sure to remind your donors to check to see if their employers will match gifts, too.

Mini Event

Host a fundraising mini-event like an outdoor BBQ, a poker tournament, a bake sale, a sporting event (golf, tennis tournament), or a happy hour. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is, and by how many local organizations are willing to support your efforts. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking.


We’re all busy; sometimes a simple reminder is all it takes to get someone to donate.

Don’t forget about your team

Be sure to motivate your team by sending emails to encourage and recognize individual and team fundraising accomplishments.

Use Social Media! Fundraise with Facebook.

You now have the option to use Facebook to fundraise for the Hope in Motion Walk and it will automatically be added to your participant center fundraising page! Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook fundraiser.

Instagram and LinkedIn can also be powerful tools to aid in your fundraising. Most experts agree that it takes most people 2-3 reminders before they respond to a fundraising request. Social Media provides an engaging yet unobtrusive means to supplement your fundraising emails and in-person requests.

Say “thank you”

Say thank you to anyone who donates during the event. Once the event is over, make sure to take the time to personally thank everyone who supported you in your fundraising goals.  You can send thank you emails using your Particpant Center. 

Use our communications!

We’ve created with some email templates for you to use. You will also find these in your Participant Center under Email. Feel free to customize to fit your tone of voice and your personal story. If you are going to use the below letters outside of your Participant Center, don't forget to insert the below Hope in Motion Walk logo!

Template - Donation Appeal
Template - Team Recruitment
Template - Team Recruitment Follow Up 
Template - Corporate Recruitment Email
Template - Donation Thank you

Forms and Logos

Hope in Motion Logo
Participant Collection Sheet
Hope in Motion Mail-in Donation Form
Mini Events Poster