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Patient Stories

Toby's Story - diagnosed with MALS,
median arcuate ligament syndrome at age 7

tobySeven- year old Toby’s intense abdominal pains began in 2012. His parents took him to doctor after doctor. Toby suffered through test after test, failed treatments, strict diets, and increasing pain. He even had to sit through psychological screening when his parents were told it was “all in his head”. Finally, Toby was correctly diagnosed with MALS, median arcuate ligament syndrome. But no hospital in their home state of Mississippi had the facilities to perform the recommended surgery-on a child.

Toby’s desperate search, from hospitals around the country to online forums, finally led them across seven states to Stamford Hospital’s Dr. Richard Hsu. Hsu successfully performed surgery to alleviate Toby’s MALS pain.

“The moment the new surgery was available we drove 1300 miles to get there” says Toby’s mom. “And we’d do it again. We were astounded with the personal attention…knowledgeable, caring nurses… and the miraculous outcome.

Just six weeks after surgery, Toby tried out for the school swim team and made it! This was beyond Toby’s and his parent’s dreams.