About Hope in Motion

Hope in Motion is a year-round fundraising initiative for Stamford Health's Bennett Cancer Center. Hope in Motion is community support in action and is our year-round fundraising initiative for the Bennett Cancer Centerl. Throughout the year our community supports Hope in Motion in various ways.  Through direct donations and participating in our special events including our signature event, the Walk & Run.

About the Bennett Cancer Center

The Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center combines state of the art technology with compassionate care, all right in our local community. The Bennett Cancer Center’s multidisciplinary team of caregivers is specially trained in oncology and knows that every patient deserves attention, respect, and access to the best care available. Through the Bennett Cancer Center’s integrative practices, each patient is able to receive quality-of-life services that treat the individual holistically. These services include Reiki, massage, nutrition, and exercise, all of which are supported by funds raised through Hope in Motion. To find out more about Stamford Health's Bennett Cancer Center, click here.