Why do you walk or run?

  • "I walk to support and encourage those struggling with the ups and downs of cancer and it's diagnosis. I am a cancer survivor and patient that has faced many difficult days and years while walking my path in life with cancer. It is not an easy journey. " - Lori-Anne Pfeiffer
  • "My mom is a 5 time cancer survivor and I lost my Uncle and a dear friend to this beast. I want to do all I can to help find a cure. " - #teamCB'sgang
  • "For Annie Eydt, my friend and my husband's dancing partner! " - Karen Pace
  • "I walk, or have people walk for me because of the battle in fighting everyday and the battle my mom and aunt lost. " - Irma Ranero
  • "Because I care." - Anonymous
  • "Because we are one family! Let's all run together 😊! " - Reem Al-Fikey
  • "Because I love and miss my family members that were taken from me way too young. I want to honor them by helping others. " - Liz Giancola
  • "I Run for my Brother Roberto who died 21 years ago! And all those kids, that was at the hospital with him! Always in my heart!! " Amanda Fred
  • BECAUSE I CAN...Thanks to Dr. Tepler and the Bennett Center, my husband - George, parents, co-workers, family and friends. Also a special thank you to Melissa Chiappetta Roberto for keeping THE CANCER IS A JERK TEAM up and running!- Lori Longo Legierse

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