Let's go team!

Organizing a team in support of the Hope in Motion Walk is a wonderful way to encourage camaraderie between colleagues, employees, families and friends. It is also a great way to make a difference for patients fighting cancer in our community!

Step 1: Start A Team

Click here to Form a Team. Teams include 10 members or more, please follow the prompts. Once you register, easy-to-use team and personal fundraising pages are generated for you. Personalize your pages by uploading photos and telling your story. Be sure to donate to your own page to show others you are serious about this cause.Your personal and team pages will reflect your 2022 text. Please remember to update this information. Click here to create a team poster.

Step 2: Cast a Wide Net

Everyone loves a good team working toward a great cause! Use email templates to invite co-workers, friends, family, neighbors and classmates to join. Be sure to email your 5-10 closest people. Getting your “inner circle” to donate will build momentum. Make the most of social media. Tag and thank those that donate so your posts share on their feeds to help spread the word. Don't make every post an ask. Include inspiring stories, updates and photos!

Step 3: Think Outside the Box

There are so many fun and creative ways to fundraise – host a game night or sports event and charge a small entry fee for each player, organize an office brown bag lunch day, where co-workers donate money saved by eating in, place a canister near the office vending machine to collect spare change … Set a fundraising goal and get creative!

Step 4: Be a Team Cheerleader

Keep your team motivated and excited with regular updates and progress reports from your fundraising page, in email and on social media. Cheering on the team will help you reach your goal more quickly!

TIP Create some healthy competition by hosting contests: the first 10 registrants earn a ‘dress down’ day or other incentive exclusive to your group.
FACT Participants who take the time to personalize their page have been shown to receive 3 TIMES more donations than those who do not. Let your colleagues, friends and family know why the Walk for Awareness is important to your group.
TIP Encourage your teammates to personalize their pages, too!
FACT $60 provides daily lunches to patients while they are undergoing treatment.

Sample Team Messaging to Help you Get Started

Email #1

Being a good community member goes beyond words it takes action. And today, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer to make sure our family, friends and colleagues have access to the very best care, close to home!

[Your Organization Name] will participate in the [year] Hope in Motion Walk on [date] and we need your help! Go to [team page link] and join our team. Then, recruit your friends and family to come along for the ride. The more, the merrier!

Have questions? We’re here to answer them! Our Team Captain, [name], is your one-stop resource to learn more about the Walk and how you drive its success!

Email #2

A special thanks to those who joined our team! If you’re still thinking about it, now’s the time to join! [Announce a contest.]

Email #3

[Your Organization Name] is on its way to fundraising success! Thank you for joining us in this very special quest to make a difference for local cancer patients.

You can maximize your impact by recruiting friends and family to walk with us or asking them to support your efforts by making a donation. Don’t forget, just $60 will provide a free lunches to patients while they're undergoing treatment.

Email #4

Facebook & Instagram ... we all have our favorite social media channel so why not use it to spread the word about the Walk! Simply share your personal fundraising page on social media and watch the donations roll in from friends and family.

Email #5

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support Stamford Health’s Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center by participating in its 28th annual Hope in Motion Walk. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, June 11, 2023in Mill River Park. I am hoping that you will help me on my quest to raise money for this important cause.

Our dollars will make a difference. For the past 28 years, funds raised through the Walk provides support services at no cost to patients that include lunches during chemotherapy treatment, transportation to and from treatment and financial grants to help patients with non-medical expenses.

You can click on this link {INSERT YOUR LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE} to donate online, or you can send one via mail to: Stamford Hospital Foundation, 3001 Summer Street, 2nd Floor, Stamford, CT 06905. Please make the check out to Stamford Hospital and reference my name.

Thank you! I am so appreciative, and I know the cancer patients and their families are too!!

More Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Double your dollars

Many employers offer matching gift programs that could double your contribution: $100 could turn into $200 instantly. Be sure to remind your donors to check to see if their employers will match gifts, too.

Use Social Media! Fundraise with Facebook.

You now have the option to use Facebook to fundraise for the Hope in Motion Walk & Run and it will automatically be added to your participant center fundraising page! Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook fundraiser. Instagram and LinkedIn can also be powerful tools to aid in your fundraising. Most experts agree that it takes most people 2-3 reminders before they respond to a fundraising request. Social Media provides an engaging yet unobtrusive means to supplement your fundraising emails and in-person requests.

Say “thank you”

Once the event is over, make sure to take the time to personally thank everyone who supported you in your fundraising goals.  You can send thank you emails using your Partiicpant Center. 

Forms and Logos

Hope in Motion Logo
Participant Collection Sheet
Hope in Motion Mail-in Donation Form
Mini Events Poster
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