Fundraising Tools

Need help getting started? We put together a helpful list of tools to support your fundraising efforts.
  1. Start fundraising early. It never hurts to be the first to email your friends and family to make the ask. Use one of the sample emails below or in your Participant Center to get started.
  2. Change your Facebook cover photo to the Hope in Motion Walk banner. Download our image for Facebook here.
  3. Post on social media and ask your friends and family to make a donation to your personal fundraising page. Download our images for Instagram and Facebook below.
  4. Ask your donors to ask their employer for a matching gift.

Fundraising Letters

These templates can be modified and used for solicitation and recruitment. You can also find them in your Participant Center.

Logo, Forms and Social Media Images

Suggested forms, images for your social media posts.

Right Click on images below and copy image to use for social media posts and solicitations










him counceling


him education


him tranportation


him food


him rejuvenate


him massage


him grants1


him exercise


him nourishment