Hope in Motion 2024

Jingle all the way!
Jingle all the way!

Team Lo Jingles

Team Lo Jingles is back!  As you know - we'll be missing an integral part of our team, but we hope you will honor Lois' brave fight and her memory to raise funds for patients who are currently battling cancer and for those who may find themselves in this position in the future.

For those who don't know how we got our team name, if you ever had been with Lois while she was carrying her purse around...you know she Jingled all the Way! (You'd think she was a janitor with all those jingles hanging from her purse!)  We decided to name the team after her Jingles! (and yes - there will likely BE jingles on the day of the walk!)

If you want to walk with us - be sure to click "JOIN TEAM"

Now in its 29th year, the Hope in Motion Walk event continues to raise the funds necessary to provide a broad range of supportive services at no charge to Stamford Health’s Bennett Cancer Center patients. These services include programs such as: post treatment exercise, nutrition counseling, rides to and from treatment, daily lunches to patients undergoing chemotherapy, food cards for patients coping with food insecurity and grants to help patients in financial need with non- medical expenses.  These programs are so important when a loved one is receiving treatment.

We hope to receive your support!!

The Cavaliere Family

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